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    Our Fitting Process


    Our fitting process is very simple:

    1) We gather information about your activity level, injury history, and specific issues that you would like us to address.

    2) We check your arches and perform a gait analysis by watching you walk to determine how your foot moves and how much flexibility you have in your feet.

    3) We measure your foot and ask you what size you have been wearing in the past.

    4) We scan your feet on either our Aetrex or Foot Balance 3D Scanner to give you a graphic representation of what we saw when we watched you walk. It shows a 3D image of your foot, your pressure points to show how your are distributing your weight, and recommends insoles.

    5) We combine all the information and recommend shoes that we believe are best for your unique foot type. We let you walk around the store in the shoes to compare and contrast the different shoes. As you walk, we will offer feedback based on what you tell us about the cushioning, stability and overall fit of the shoes. Together, we help you make the very best decision on the perfect shoes for your unique foot type.

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